Friday, January 3, 2014

Wedding Bells, Warm Fuzzies and Real Committment

I intended to post this two weeks ago just before the festivities began. But somewhere in the whirlwind of activity, I forgot. Don't ask me how I could forget something so exciting, even important things get forgotten in the midst of life.
It was a wintry zero degrees outdoors, yet there was a warm excitement indoors. The decorations were beautiful…The bride looked like a princess…My Knight looked particularly handsome in his black suit and I believe his eyes even teared a bit.

Our daughter said her vows. And a godly young man did too. They committed themselves to each other before God. Til death. This is a couple who truly seeks to honor God in their relationship. A rare jewel in our society. Watching them has been such a joy to my soul.

Weddings can bring about such warm fuzzy feelings about happily ever after, but marriage is so much more than that. Marriage is about commitment. Commitment to act in a loving way each day no matter how the other acts. And no matter how I feel. It is about serving together. Growing together. Sharing life together.
Marriage is used as a refining tool in our hearts. God uses marriage to teach us about love. About choosing to love. With an unconditional love. Loving no matter what.  He models this love He wants us to pass on to others. First and foremost to our spouse.

I think this truth often gets lost in in the whirlwind of day-in and day-out living. And in the midst of life, we forget. We forget that we are called to love. We forget all the things we appreciate about our Knight. What are you thankful for in him? What is one way you can show love to him, even when you don’t feel like it? Stop a moment and reflect. Ask God to make your marriage one that shines His light and love in a way your Knight can see.