Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Regret vs. Rejuvinate

Tv shows  like “Flea Market Flip” flash across the screen… “Mom” Blogs thriving on the internet… Craft how-to videos on You Tube … Etsy, full of all sorts of creative things people have made… Books- authors achieving what I dreamed of, and with subjects I can write about!
I wish I had done these things…. The things I knew God has gifted me to do and always wanted to do but for one reason or another, couldn’t or didn’t…. I can sit and shake my head, let my heart sink and die a little each time I feel the twinge of “I wish I had…..” OR I can take steps toward achieving at least one of my goals.

But that requires I stop the regret and rejuvenate those goals. Put some proactive movements in place. I love quotes and I recently came across a good one by Mark Twain “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”
Getting started. Instead of just watching the you tube clips, get in my craft room and make something. Then, instead of just making it, get it on etsy or to a local shop and sell it…. And then make some more.

Or write one chapter in a book … and then write another, and another.  Sometimes we tell ourselves we just don’t have time for something important, and it may be that in our current season of life, we don’t. But many times, I think the reality is that we just don’t take the time and it gets eaten up by other things. Watching movies… TV…surfing the internet… So it comes down to a choice. We can let our time slip away as we relax or we can get moving, accomplish things and not live with regrets.
What’s something you wish you had done or could do? What are steps you can make towards achieving that?


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