Wednesday, December 15, 2010

25 Days of Praise: Day 15

Today I am thankful for:

That my needs are met…. And much more…
God’s provisions can be readily seen this time of year in our home.
Under our tree sit packages of various shapes and sizes,
wrapped in colorful paper patiently waiting for Christmas Day.
We have come to expect this is just the way it is.
But that is not so for everyone.

One child I was talking with recently
was excited about the gifts wrapped under their tree.
“We have 5 presents under our tree!
One for my mom, one for my cousin and 3 for me!”
excitement rang in her voice.
My first thought “Only 5?” quickly brought my heart back to
reality. I know a teenager who received nothing for
Christmas last year. Nothing.
That is a reality most of us do not have to face.

There is often a disconnect between what I expect and what
I need. I assume life will always, and always has to provide
the things I am used to having. But, all I really need is food,
water and shelter. And for those things I am thankful.
So, when God chooses to provide more,
 I need to recognize it as that. More.
More than I need. And choose thankfulness.

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