Sunday, December 12, 2010

25 Days of Praise: Day 12

Today I am thankful for:

In-laws who live a godly example for me to follow. The term “in-law” just doesn’t seem a right fit for them with our culture’s take on such relationships. But, since I prefer to change that view, I will use the term to prove that in-laws can be an asset to a person’s life.

I am thankful for a father in law who sets an example of a heart dedicated to learning and living out the scriptures. For a mother in law who emanates the gift of encouragement and has truly opened her heart and become a mom to her daughter in law.

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  1. Hi Sharon!

    I like your Days of Praise series here. And I particularly like this one -- my father-in-law is a true blessing, and my mother-in-law was the best I could have ever asked for.