Saturday, December 11, 2010

25 Days of Praise: Day 11

Today I am thankful for:

My husband.
I know, I already mentioned him on day 2,
but I am doubly grateful for him.
Specifically, for how he puts up with his wife
(I won’t mention her name)
who insists on doing all the Christmas shopping
 in one L-O-N-G day.
We are talking not stopping until its done which can
be translated not arriving home until around 2 in the a.m.
A perfect gentleman all day: dropping off and picking
up at the door, patiently waiting during
deliberation on which gift would be
best for each person on the list, and best of all letting
his lovely wife and daughter sit in the warmed-up vehicle
while he braved the C-O-L-D weather to load the treasures.
Yes, this man deserves a second day of thanks!
But I do know, the thanks also goes to God, for it is
He who placed this man in my life, for better and for worse,
which always corresponds to my attitude at any
given moment. Today, I choose thankfulness.

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