Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Announcing Another Litle Girl

What a new newborn does to a person! I’m in love. *sigh* Papa and I were able to spend almost a week with this new sweet-one when she was newborn.


Introducing Little Miss Alaya Jane. Isn’t. she. just. adorable? She’s my little Peanut.

We’ve had 3 new granddaughters in the past 10 months – which makes a total of 5 little girls in 2 ½ years, and we are loving it! You can catch up on the first 4, Sweet Pea, Chickadee, Honey Bee, and Squirt, in the archives. (I'm having difficulty with linking to certain posts at the moment.)

Oh, how the grace of God is so faithful! We have been reflecting on how proud we are of how our kids have grown to be adults who love God and married spouses who follow Him too. To see them start families and train their little ones to live to “make Jesus happy” – to put it in toddler terms. This leaves this Papa and Mama so happy… and humble.

We weren’t perfect parents. We tried to be good parents, but often fell short. We are so thankful God’s grace prevails, and he gave us wisdom and strength to persevere. (This parenting thing is hard!) And now we are seeing the fruit because of His grace.

How awesome is that?

So, young Mama, you can do this. You’re not a perfect mom, but you’re the perfect mom for your kids. (That brilliant sentence is not from me – I borrowed it from another mama.) God designed it that way, planned it out perfectly.

Every day as you work to point your kids’ hearts toward God, don’t forget to refuel your own heart with His love to pass on to them. His grace will cover because in your weakness, He is strong.

Day in and day out, week after week, teach them to see life through His eyes. Mamahood is no easy task, it takes work. Commitment. Perseverance. And just when you start to wonder if anything you have been doing is having any affect, or if it is taking root or if you’re even doing it right….

God’s grace breaks through and lets you get a glimpse of His love flowing from those little ones – and you know you’re on the right path. Because His path is always the right one, no matter how it feels or looks at the moment.