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Back To School With A Bang

The air is cooler in the mornings now. Can you feel it?   Fall is approaching. It’s in the air. And it’s bittersweet. I love the cool freshness of fall, but I hate to see school start and the busyness of life begin again. Where did the lazy days of summer go? It’s been a full summer.   Filled with to-do’s and projects and trips and packed with lots of fun and sun as the days flew by.   As summer turns to fall may we not let the busy life eat up our days and good intentions.   What are your goals for this school year?   What do you want your kids to learn? How do you want them to grow? I’m not talking math or phonics.   I’m talking character. Character is built in the midst of solving story problems and learning spelling words. It is grown while we carpool or homeschool. What is your purpose for this school year? What goals will encompass the day in day out routine of your Monday through Friday?   The time will go quickly, and more so each year, you know. How

Mamas Under The Influence

Summer, wonderful summer – when the kids are home all day, swimming, bike riding, and outdoor play fill the days. It’s the middle of summer and what better time to share a few laughs with other mamas! These days are full and also a bit exhausting… which is usually when my list grows. My list of Mama stories. We could compile a ginormous list of stories, us Mamas.   We each have our own stack and laugh together as we swap our latest … while husbands just shake their heads in amazement at the things we do under the influence of “Mommy Brain”. Like leaving the stroller in the road after forgetting to load it into the van - and then driving away….putting the milk away in the cabinet and the cereal in the fridge…stocking up at a meat sale and forgetting it all in the trunk – all day – in August…or paying for your groceries and not realizing until 4 hours later you never brought them home. Those just are a few of mine, I’d love to hear your stories! S o take some time, sit down

Is There Anything Sweeter?

Call me Grandma …again! {squeal!} We welcomed Little Miss Allison Grace into this world just 2 weeks ago. That makes 4 granddaughters! (you can read about the others here , here and here .)  Let the tea parties begin! (And she already has her pinky ready!) Is there anything sweeter than a newborn baby? So cuddly. So new. So precious! Her whole life is ahead of her. And   I wonder what her personality will be like. I wonder if she will be adventurous or cautious? Boisterous or quiet?   Silly or serious? I wonder what God has planned for this little life that I hold in my arms. What does the Father want for her? What does He have for her to do? What has he designed her for? I pray she will love Him with all her heart. I pray she will reflect His love to others. That is your prayer for your little ones, I know. The days of Mamahood are filled with many tasks. I know you are tired. And busy.   Diapers, dishes, dusting, all are important and must get done, b