Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Something of Substance

My oldest had a birthday yesterday. He turned 26. It seems like just yesterday I was home with him and his brother. Surrounded by mounds of laundry, runny noses, toys everywhere and wondering if I would ever be “somebody.”

Then I read this post by Sarah Mae. I just can’t get it off my mind. “I want to teach and influence and encourage moms one day, but I don’t just want to relate with them, I want to have something of substance to offer them that will help them practically.”  

Yes! We as moms need to have this goal. To live through mamahood and have something of substance to share with the next generation of moms. As moms we like to gather and talk. Share friendship. And adult conversation. (We crave adult conversation!)

But if all we are doing is small talk, there is no real impact made. No inspiration to be better moms. No encouragement to keep training with clear direction. We need substance.

In order to have substance to share, we need to dig in, narrow our focus and raise those little ones with intention. Not just for today. Not just for this week or year. But for the long haul. Raise them to be adults who love and honor God. Adults who are used by God to do His will.

But narrowing our focus is hard. We feel our talents are going to waste. We miss our hobbies. We want to be somebody, do something significant in this world. But we are.

The calling as a mom is huge. It is eternally significant. And it grows us while we are in the trenches, doing the mama work. God will take care of growing you to be ready to be somebody later. Right now you are somebody. You are MOM.

So, young mama, keep it up. Keep going. Don’t get sidetracked, keep your focus. You are raising little people who will become big people that God will use. And then when you sit to visit with other moms, you will have substance to offer them. And they will be encouraged.

How has a been-there-lived-to-tell-about-it mom helped you? How do you want to be like that one day?


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