Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just Like Dad

My dad has been gone from this earth for 14 years now. That is 14 years He has been home. Home in heaven where He was made to be. There are days when the reality hits me. When I wish he was here to see my kids all grown up. To meet their spouses. To play with my Grandies. To give financial advice to us.

My dad was a great husband, dad and business man. He left his family not only with a lot of knowledge about life but more importantly, a spiritual legacy.

A couple of years ago when I was visiting my mom, I found a large manila envelope tucked away in Dad's old office. It was filled with papers cut or folded in half and filled with handwriting. Dad's handwriting. They were his sermon notes.

I remember getting up as a little gire in the wee hours of the morning, tip-toeing out to his office and peeking in to watch him. He was up studying and had his bible open, pen and paper out. I would watch him study for a bit before quietly sneaking back to bed.

I was so excited to find this packet of notes, and brought it home with me. Lately I have been reading my way through the stack. There's just something special about sitting down with a good cup of coffee, my bible and study notes from my Dad. I am inspired to study through each passage of scripture myself. His studying still teaches me. I wonder if he ever thought his messages would still be touching a life so many years after he was gone.

Makes me wonder if the things I pursue, the things I am willing to miss sleep for, the ways I spend my time.... will they inspire my kids after I am gone? Will what I leave behind point them to dig into the word? I don't think my dad ever knew I was up watching him study, but what I saw taught me a lot about the importance of studying the bible and it is still pointing me in that direction. That's a legacy I want to leave. Just like Dad.

What legacy are you leaving for your kids?