Friday, November 1, 2013

God's Love (Thank-filled Thursdays: Week 8)

First of all, I am thankful that you are so gracious in allowing me to post a "Thank-filled Thursday" post on a Friday!  :)  Oh, how my week has gotten away from me! Now, on to what should have been posted yesterday....
Today I am thankful for God’s love. He loves me because He loves. Not because I am loveable. This fact holds so much security. Have you ever thought about this? Why does God love you? Does He love you more when your actions please Him? Does He love you less when you disobey Him?
God’s love isn’t based on me. His love isn’t based on you. And that’s a good thing. Because some days I am less than loveable. Much less.  I assume you are nodding your head with me that you are less than loveable at times as well.

God loves because He is love. When we understand this, it compels us to live in a way that pleases Him. It inspires us to love others. Not because we want Him to love us more, but because we want to love Him more. We learn from His love.
Where would we be without His love?

Thank You, Lord, for Your love for me. May You grow that love in my heart so my life will reflect You more and more.

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