Friday, October 18, 2013

Thank-filled Thursdays: Week 6

Oops! It has been such a busy week here that I missed  posting this on Thursday... thankfully, we can be thankful any day of the week!
Today I am thankful for the privilege of prayer. I have a friend. She is 10 years old and has a cancerous brain tumor. You’d never know it, just looking at her. She is a normal, happy young girl. And I have learned so much from watching her as she walks down this road God has allowed in her life.

As I pray for her in my morning coffee time, my heart is heavy for her and her parents.  Without prayer, this would be an unbearable burden to carry.  I can only try to imagine what they must feel.   They are up against a rare cancer, even the best doctors are unsure how to treat it.  How thankful I am that they know the Great Physician, the One who has the power to heal. And the power to use even this to grow them and those around them.

It is truly a privilege to be able to go before the King of kings, the Creator of all and speak our concerns. I pray God will heal her as only He can. I pray He will wrap His arms in love around her and her family and carry them through this to a closer relationship with Him. And I pray His power will be displayed in my young friend’s life in a way that others will see His power and grace.

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