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When God Crashes Your Party (Thank-filled Thursdays: Week 7)

Today I am thankful that God crashes my parties. Ever have one of those parties? It just feels so right. So deserved. Like youhave the right to feel this way. Ya, me too. I’m with you, Girl. Some days I’m a real “party-girl” if you know what I mean. “Poor me, I never get what I want…. Things never go well for me…. I’m just not appreciated….” When I carried my little party to church with me one day, my Father intervened and reigned on my parade. It was a good thing, too or I don’t know how long I would have partied like that.

The music began. It was a song I am well familiar with. One of my favorites. And I joined in the singing, but couldn’t get many words out before my heart became convicted. Busted. My party had been crashed. Time for a change of attitude in my heart.  Blessed be Your name
when the sun shines down on me, When the world is all as it should be Blessed be Your name.
Blessed be Your name
In the land that is plentiful
Where your streams of abundance flow
Blessed be Your name

Thank-filled Thursdays: Week 6

Oops! It has been such a busy week here that I missed  posting this on Thursday... thankfully, we can be thankful any day of the week! Today I am thankful for the privilege of prayer. I have a friend. She is 10 years old and has a cancerous brain tumor. You’d never know it, just looking at her. She is a normal, happy young girl. And I have learned so much from watching her as she walks down this road God has allowed in her life.
As I pray for her in my morning coffee time, my heart is heavy for her and her parents. Without prayer, this would be an unbearable burden to carry.I can only try to imagine what they must feel. They are up against a rare cancer, even the best doctors are unsure how to treat it. How thankful I am that they know the Great Physician, the One who has the power to heal. And the power to use even this to grow them and those around them.
It is truly a privilege to be able to go before the King of kings, the Creator of all and speak our concerns. I pray God will heal …

Thank-filled Thursdays: Week 5

I'm so glad you're joining me for Thank-filled Thursdays! As we come upon Thanksgiving, I want to grow a heart of thanksgiving. Be truly thankful. See my life with grateful eyes. I know you do too.

Today I am thankful for:

A godly mom. She taught me things she probably didn't even know I was picking up from her. Some things she didn't verbally teach, she didn't have to, I learned as I watched her. Like seeing her sit in her chair with a hot cup of tea in the mornings as she was reading her Bible. Like her gentle and quiet spirit. And her generosity.

She didn't have to say these things, she modeled them. Her actions spoke volumes to my young heart and strongly influenced me. I am grateful for her influence in my life, and by the grace of God in giving me a godly mom, I have forever been changed. Except for the hot tea, I prefer coffee, of course!

Thank-filled Thursdays Week 4

Today I am thankful for the joys of being a Grandma. Those little ones bring so much joy and laughter to my life! As I watch them grow and pray for their hearts to love God, my prayer life is seeing a fresh new stage.
What are you thankful for today?

Running The Race

For those of you who know me, it may seem strange to see this title on my blog. It probably seems a bit inconsistent with my character as I do not have a single athletic cell in my body. Never have. I avoid sweating. And sore muscles. This would include running. And so I don’t run. Period. I wish I did. I drive by runners (Notice I’m the one in the car, not the one running.) and it looks like a good form of exercise,a way to stay in shape, build self-discipline and get firm muscles (versus the squishiness that comes from avoiding such activities, ahem.). But I just don’t know how to run … and I don’t like it anyway. There, I said it. I don’t like running.

I am in a race, though. This one doesn’t require running shorts. Thank God for that, you don’t want me running around in those, it’s not a pretty sight! It doesn’t require Nikes, which is good because I really would rather spend my money on cute sandals. Or sweating, which is good since I have a life rule to avoid sweating. This seems …