Monday, January 7, 2013

Starting Fresh

I finally got it done.  Bedding changed and laundered, tree down and packed away for another year, furniture dusted, bathroom cleaned, the floors swept and mopped.  Ahhhh! It’s not that I enjoy cleaning, I just love the end result. It feels so freeing and fresh to have a clean home.  I can enjoy my home and relax when I know I have taken care of my responsibilities.
Aren’t our hearts that way? We let things pile up, the hurt feelings, the issues that weigh heavy on us and we put off the cleaning we know needs done. We need a fresh start. Clean out the clutter to make more space for time with God. Toss out the things that weigh us down. Wipe off the dust and clean out the sin that hinders our walk. Ahhhh! The feeling is so freeing … a fresh start for the new year.
We all have closets and crevices that need cleaning. So go clean out that corner that has been begging for attention and while you’re tossing and organizing, spend some time talking to the Father asking Him what needs tossed and rearranged in your heart as well. I’m starting with my closet right now…. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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