Saturday, January 19, 2013

Notice Him

Lying in bed, my mind racing about bloggy stuff, I began to talk to God about it all. 
Lord, I need to figure out how to link to other blogs… and how to comment on comments… and how to get traffic to my blog… the experts all say its necessary. After all, if no one read my posts, then my posts are not doing anything…I’ve got to learn how to get noticed…”
It was as if He caused certain words in that prayer to increase in volume, even reverberate. MY blog…I”VE got to get noticed…. Its humbling when God shows you your heart.

My goal for having a blog was to use the gifts He had given me to help others. To point their eyes to Him each day. But somewhere in it all, I felt I had to do all the work myself, I viewed this as MY blog and was concerned with others noticing ME so they would read what I had to say.

What if I changed my focus to HIS blog and getting HIM noticed, then the traffic issue would be HIS, right? Wow. I like the feeling of that. It’s on His shoulders and my job is to listen and write. I can do that.


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