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Tanned and Ready

WARNING: Content is girly chick-stuff. I see parallels in everyday life that serve as excellent examples of my spiritual walk with God. Many times I don’t post these because they seem a bit superficial and girly. But I was encouraged this morning while talking with my daughter about a parallel she saw in nail polish (more on that later). So, I decided to share my most recent insight with you. The story begins with me and my girls in Walmart. We are chattering about white legs, summer and sunless tanning lotion. We decide on a product, make our purchase and happily apply it all week. It works and we are elated. Fast forward 3 weeks… I have tired of the “chore” of applying the lotion evenly each day and find myself skipping days in a row. The conversation in my head goes something like this: “You better put it on, as soon as a hot day comes, you will wish you had tan legs when you want to wear shorts or go to the lake…” “It’s so much work, and it’s chilly today, I’m going to wea