Thursday, April 28, 2011

How could Peter forget?

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Not because of the Bunny, because of the Cross. There is so much purpose in it. Christmas and the 4th of July have purpose, to be sure. But Easter begins with Good Friday, which was good for us, but I doubt Jesus would list it as one of His favorite memories. Yet, He allows us to call it Good Friday. Because this holiday is for us. His love for us. Divine love, stooped down from heaven to take the blame and shame for humanity.

As I read the Easter story, I can’t help but wonder about Peter. Peter was warned during dinner that satan had demanded him, to sift him like wheat. He didn’t believe it. Yet just hours later, he did just that. He denied that he even knew Christ. And again. And again. Three times. Scripture tells us that when he heard the rooster crow, he remembered.

Remembered? How could he have forgotten? And so quickly? Was this what Jesus’ words in the garden were about? “Keep watch.” Keep watch so he would be ready when satan would attack? Ready to defend his Friend? Ready to even die with Him? If Peter had been watching for the time he would be in a situation that called for such a decision, possibly, would the 26th chapter of Matthew end on a different note?

It’s easy to question Peter from where I stand, but if he was here, I have the feeling he would question my life too. We have to live in the here and now; there’s always laundry, work, obligations, and responsibilities. But while we live in the here and now, our mind set can be to keep watch…pray continually… focus on the things above. And be ready to admit with each action and word that, yes, we have been with the One from Nazareth.

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