Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Precious One

I enjoyed tucking my daughter in tonight, we talked and even giggled when I broke out spontaneously in a ridiculous rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

“Mom, rub my face like you used to” she requested. She shut her eyes as my fingers danced lightly around her face, something she used to like when she was a little girl.

She drifted off to sleep and my thoughts drifted to praying for her. “Father, keep her from evil and keep evil from her… "She is Yours, help her to know that and live it and find satisfaction in nothing and no one else…."

I was struck by the truth that her life and soul mean infinitely more to me than anything this life can offer.

As I prayed, God re-ordered some things in my life and refocused my heart. I have been anxious to repaint my living room a fresh new color. Yet compared to the vital task of raising this young woman, building a God-world view in her life, my living room and so many other desires took a back seat and seemed so unimportant.

“Oh, Lord, give me wisdom as a mom, give me Your love to love with and Your eyes to see with. Keep my priorities in line with Your will. Thank you for blessing me with this angel. May she always seek to live for You.”


  1. My prayer exactly,just seeing some of the cute pics of her growing up and our wonderful tea parties. As I pray for you and her each day I also ask God to lead her heart to think of what He wants for her life and for friends and for a mate. You are a wonderful mom and wife and God has blessed your family with you and your example to live for Him. I love you very much keep on being faithful. Thanks for the blog, Mom

  2. Hi, I am a friend of your sister Debby. I am happy to see that you are blogging. You have a gift for writing! God bless you,

  3. This was a blessing. Yes, God does have a way of reordering our thinking and setting our priorities straight! Your sis, Debby