Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little Car and Learning to Trust

The telephone woke us. It was 1:15 a.m. Our oldest son was on the other end. “We need you to come pick us up. We hit ice and wrecked your truck. It’s not drivable.”

My heart stopped. Relieved he and his wife were ok, I sent up a prayer of thanks. I jumped out of bed and gathered flashlights as my husband donned his coveralls, Carhart, hat and gloves.

It was 31 degrees, a warm night for January in South Dakota. I sent up another prayer of thanks. Then I settled into my routine of pacing and praying. It’s what I do when I’m concerned and can’t do anything to help a situation.

The phone rang again. It was my daughter-in-law. “I just need someone to talk to while Jeff is outside checking on the truck. I’ve never been in a wreck before. It is good we were on the bridge when we spun, otherwise we would have probably rolled.”

I was so glad to hear her voice. So glad she was ok. She told me about what happened, then went on to tell me about her day. It had been her special day. Her Christmas present from her husband. Money and a shopping day to buy things to decorate their home. She said the laundry detergent had broken open, but it appeared everything else was ok.

As I hung up the phone, my mind was racing. There was no sense in trying to sleep for sleep would not come until they were all safely at home. So I sat down to write. One issue in particular dominated my thoughts.

My Husband had bought an old little car in November. I had been unhappy (we’re talking close to a temper tantrum) when he had spent $600 on it. “We don’t need another vehicle… We shouldn’t spend the money…”

It was a 1990 Ford Escort station wagon and it had been used, I mean really used, but with only 87,000 miles it would last a long time as a hunting/fishing vehicle for him and would be easy on the wallet getting over 30mph. Especially compared to his Expedition which gets nothing even close to that gas mileage. And he liked it. It was like a new toy.

Now, with the Expedition wrecked (liability insurance only), I was feeling foolish to have opposed the purchase of that little car. I was actually thankful for it. It would be good to still have two cars. And truth be told, I liked how it drove.

Could it be that God allowed my husband the wisdom (and the money- we don’t typically have $600 sitting around) to purchase that car at the right time so we would have it now? Could it be that He really wants me to trust my husband?

I always thought I did trust my husband, but so many times I see my view point as the “right” one. So many times I want to put my two-cents in. So many times I forget to sit back, let him be in charge, and leave the little details I’m concerned with up to God.

I really do have a wise husband. He is incredibly smart and a very capable, strong man. When I list all his good qualities, I wonder why there are times I am worried about anything at all. I am married to one awesome guy!

Yes, God’s ways are best. And once again, I took the long route to learning that. I’m so glad God and my husband both have patience with me! Time for another prayer of thanks.


  1. I too sent a praise of thanks for Gods care over them and for Jefferys wiseness in how he handled things and of course for Jeff as he quickly was able to go help. I could hardly hold my self together as Jeffery told me about all that happened. I love you Sharon and I miss you so - I am so very thankful that you love my son the way that you do. Mom

  2. Thankful that everyone was okay. Isn't it amazing how God uses different situations to make us realize not only that He is taking care of us, but our husbands are,too.

  3. Hi Sharon~ I'm just gald everyone was ok... And how wise of your husband and The Lord to provide you with another car. So sorry about the wreck... but isn't it good that God uses ALL things to teach us something good?


  4. Jennifer, I am definitely glad God uses all things to teach us, otherwise I believe we would be unable to see a purpose in situations. When we know He is using each situation for a purpose, it makes it so much easier to go through.