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Ahhhh! A warmish sunny Sunday afternoon in November. It had been weeks since I had been able to go for a walk outside, and winter would soon set in; I grabbed a jacket and a notebook and headed out the door. The sun quickly slipped behind a few clouds, but the fresh air felt good anyway. I climbed down some rocks to walk along the river; it is one of my favorite places to be. The river and the sound of the waves seem to quiet my soul and allow for reflection in my heart. The sun was still hiding and with the air chilling, I slipped in a request for the rays to warm me. I continued to walk along the water, lifting my heart to God, seeking wisdom in trials I was facing and praising Him for the beauty around me. Again, I asked for the sun to shine. The walk did not seem “right” with out it. The sun just does something for me, warming my soul along with my skin. Getting chilled, I progressed from asking and began to whine. “Lord, let the sun shine…. Why won’t you let it shine now?...You’