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Noticing a low tire, my on-the-ball husband instructed me to stop at the gas station for some air on my way to work. He told me to go to the one on the west end of town because it has a tire gauge on the air hose and I could inflate my tire to the proper pressure. Easy enough, I thought and headed on my way. I eased my car up to the air pump at the busy station and proceeded to unscrew the cap on the valve stem. The contraption on the end of the air hose did not resemble any tire gauge I had ever seen, but confident I could figure it out, I pressed the air chuck to the stem. I was sure I heard a rush of air, but I couldn’t be sure with so many people and other noises around me. Each time I pressed the lever to check the pressure, I noticed the pressure had not gone up, but down! What was going on? Something was wrong with my tire! Noticing my confused look, an attendant came over to assist. He took the air hose from me and began to air my tire. “All done” he said after just a few m