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Because Mamas Need Hope

I’ve got exciting news! Much like my opening postfor this blog it is with nervous anticipation that I announce to you… My first book is in the works!  This has been a dream for me since I can remember and now the time is right.
I want this book to be an encouragement to young moms. Because being a mama is work! Hard work.! And it is easy to get frustrated with our husbands… our kids…our homes… and our lives. We often feel drained, discontent, distracted and as if we are drowning in a never ending list of to-do’s. We need hope! Hope found in a vision to see the importance of our role.
The value of our mama footprint on the hearts of our children is often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We have approximately an 18 year window to influence and shape our children. And our Enemy knows he has those same 18 years as well.
As Christian moms, these years are a call to action. A call to do more. More than just get through the day. A call to see our children through God’s eyes a…