Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Online, Offline Walking Together

Howdy! I'm so glad you joined us for the Women Living WellBook Club! This week we are reading chapters 4&5. If you are reading the book with us, leave a comment with your thoughts from this week's reading. I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU!

Chapter 4  “The Effects of the Media Revolution” is such a good reminder about social media. What we say, how we say it, and the attitudes radiating from it have an impact on others. That impact reaches beyond our own friends to the friends of friends. As daughters of the King, our online presence isn’t just about us. It is also a reflection of the King. I want my online presence to give a good impression of the King and be an encouragement to my sisters as they walk with me.

I love to listen to messages, read blog posts and listen to podcasts and e-books by Christian leaders. They have so much knowledge and wisdom. But as awesome as the internet is, as much knowledge I can find there, it can’t replace my time in God’s word. Reading my bible myself grows my heart more than reading about the bible. God wants me to be able to feed myself as well. To turn off the laptop, set aside my tablet and mp3 and sit with Him. Just Him and I and His Word. He wants me to learn to read and listen. To dig in and study. To enjoy the treasure hunt and discover the riches He placed there.

I have to guard my time. I have to limit my time on social media like Facebook. It seems when I hop on the internet, an hour or more passes before I even realize it. Then, once again, I am behind in my responsibilities and something or someone has to take a back seat. But even on days when I have the time to relax and surf, wouldn’t it be better to use some of that time a bit more productively? God doesn’t want me to sit and entertain my days away. He has a mission for me. A plan for my life and I’m sure it is not to master Pinterest. (If that ever gets classified as a spiritual gift... I'm ready!)

That is one reason why it is so important to be in a bible study group or accountability group. To keep me on my toes. To give me a deadline in studying. To share what I have studies with others and listen to what they have studied and learn from them. I always come away from bible study energized to study more, encouraged by my sisters there.

In chapter 5 “Never Walk Alone”, we are encouraged to be a mentor, find a mentor, and join a bible study group. I feel it is best to be in a group from your church or community if possible. If that is not available or in addition to, online resources are a great place to turn.
Courtney developed Good Morning Girls, a collection of online bible study accountability groups. I personally have not joined this one, I lead a group of ladies from my church and community. GMG is a good resource to keep you accountable to study the Word on a daily basis, and we all can use encouragement in that area!

As daughters of the King, we need each other to learn from and receive encouragement to keep on keeping on even when we would rather just sit and rest. Whether it is face to face or online, “Let’s lock arms together as sisters in Christ as we walk with the King!”



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