Thursday, May 2, 2013

When is Good - Good Enough?

We are told over and over to do our best. Leave it all on the floor. Give yourself totally to the task or game. Be the best. Don’t settle for less. Rise above the crowd. Be an over-achiever.
But, really, is this as good as it sounds? There is absolutely no way we can do our absolute best on everything in life – work, home, marriage, parenting, cooking, ministry, appearance, etc… Just think of each thing you do each day, if you took the time to do your absolute best on each item, you would be a worn out mess before your second cup of coffee! Your relationships would be strained. Your nerves would be fraying.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t do well. God tells us “whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31) He says whatever. Meaning everything. But He doesn’t say do your best at it. Do it perfect.
So when is good… good enough? In all the whatevers I do each day, how do I know when and where to do a good job and when and where to slow down and do my absolute best?

I think if we look at our tasks and ask a question. In 1 Corinthians 9:19 Paul states his purpose in what he does. “…to win as many as possible.” (NIV) To win souls to salvation. His goal is to lead others to the cross. To show them Christ.
His goal is not to impress others. To win a title. To reach his personal best.  To climb the ladder. To gain respect. His goal is for others. For their good. The winning is not for my good, but for the good of others.

Will spotless floors in my kitchen win more people to Christ?

Will magazine-worthy landscaping help me spread the gospel?

Will 92 quarts of home- canned green beans help me share God’s love?

The answer could be yes. We could join a gardening club with the purpose of building relationships and sharing God’s word with others. We could use the canned goods to share with neighbors and create opportunities to share the gospel. The spotless home could gain me the prestige to join a coffee group and share God’s work in my life. They all could help me win more. And if so, I need to do my best at them.
But if I’m just doing all these things for me, or to fill my time, or these things keep me too busy to share with others, aren’t they just in the way?

Titus 2 tells us to be busy at home. Busy is good. But so busy that I cannot be involved in bible study or outreach or ministry is not what He meant. We need to evaluate the things in our lives that we are called to do like being a wife, mom and witness of Christ. Then do those things to the best of our ability. Our absolute best.  The other things can be done to the standard of good. Good is good enough.
Where eternity counts, do your best….don’t settle for less…leave it all on the floor. Win more.

How will you win more? Leave a comment, share your thoughts on this, I'd love to hear your ideas!