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Is Praying For Safety a Good Thing?

It was 5:30 a.m. and with coffee and chocolate muffin in tow I was driving to a doctor appointment. I tuned into KLOVE and settled in for the two hour drive on that early January morning.   My husband reclined back for a little nap which worked perfectly because I began to talk to God- silently, but I can’t help moving my lips when I pray. With him sleeping, I felt freedom to talk to God without fear of being declared insane. I love time with just me and God. No distractions except for a few deer and occasional bright headlights from oncoming cars. I babbled on and on to Him, whatever came to mind, I talked it about to my Father. I prayed for my children- for safety and blessings… for a family who recently lost their mom…for safety as I drove…and I praised Him for the lack of fog that morning. My prayer came to a halt. God seemed to say “Is that all you have faith to thank Me for? No fog? Is driving safely to an appointment the most weighty matter on your mind? Is the saf
I am so excited to share these giveaways with you! Sheila Wray Gregorie is a fun and knowledgeable author and speaker and she has just published another book....this one is on sex! The Good Girl's Guide To Great Sex (and you thought bad girls have all the fun)." Courtney over at Women Living Well is giving away 1 of these books. Hop on over to her blog for details. You can check out Sheila's website as well. Be sure to note the title of her site - makes me laugh every time - I love it! Darlene Schacht is giving away 3 of her books as well. The Good Wife's Guide encourages us to joyfully serve our families. I know I can use encouragement to serve joyfully. Especially on "those" days! You can find the details here . It's available in e-book form too! These giveaways are part of the Revive Your Marriage Series . Check the series out, it's a great encouragement for us married girls no matter the years under your belt be it 6 months o