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Life in Pursuit

A certain nervous anticipation runs through my fingers as they dance on the keys. My goal of starting a blog in January was pushed aside by the necessities and urgencies of life, but finally, it is time. The feeling is much like the proud accomplishment I felt as a child presenting a "book" to my mom, a "book" I had written, illustrated and bound with yarn. I've grown beyond the crayon drawings and yarn bindings, and the desire to write has grown as well. I pray this blog will encourage and inspire you to live differently.

"Make My Life Song Sing to You." Each time I hear those words in the song by Casting Crowns, my heart leaps. I know that is the purpose of my life. The purpose of life for all Believers. The hard part comes when we must live in a society filled with messages shouting the opposite. The pull is to make our lives sing to ourselves. "Have it your way"... "Me-time"..."Do something for yourself"..."If it makes you feel good, do it"...

It is easy to follow the crowd, do what feels right and go with the flow. But there is so much more to life. Live your life to sing to Him, the One who doesn't take, but gives life back. (Matthew 10:39) Live in hot pursuit of that something more. More of Him, Less of Me. In Hot Pursuit of More and Less. Life abundantly. Live it. (John 10:10)

In hot pursuit,